About Us

Cassadyne Properties began with the purchase of a rental property in 2007 and is now a California LLC with multiple properties in our portfolio. More importantly, we live and work in Sacramento. This is our home, and we believe greatly in the region and the community. In creating Cassadyne and finding these residences, we are doing our part to ensure that Midtown stays charming and safe.
What makes Cassadyne unique is that we prefer special, older buildings. We renovate and tend to these great structures by respecting their history while also making them comfortable for the modern person. It’s also our personal touch. We treat every building like it’s our home, and we think of every building as a place we would be happy to live in.

Your Neighbors
If you consider a Cassadyne property know that we go through a thoughtful and thorough vetting process. Prospective tenants complete an application and submit to a credit report and background screening. Current tenants range from young professionals to retired downsizers to long term Midtown residents. Our tenants look after the building and each other. It’s all a part of enjoying the community we live in.